Class 2

Week 12 - Review of Psychology of Body Mechanics

    Well, that's it! End of second term, summary of 12 courses and editing animations with those of the first quarter;

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Week 11 - Walk-Through : Adding the final 10%

     I would have learned at least two things: the importance of a planning so we don't have to ask a lot of questions when we are animating, and the KISS method (keep it simple, stupid!).

     This week the lesson was the end of the animation process, the step that adds the finishing touch that makes the difference. Detail, even detail, therefore.

     And this is what gives the final version of my Parkour:


    Leigh took stock of my term :

Areas of strength: strong improvement over the three assignments' has achieved a solid sense of weight with strong balance timing and spacing. all principles are present and working together. 

Areas of improvement: watch out pushing the snappy style to far where it might begin to pop, keep referencing live action to add nuance. 

    Next week we compile our work in a video : Progress reel!

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Week 10 - Walk-Through : Walk-Through a shot

    This week a new course on the workflow. So we watched Rick O'Connor (ILM) to the beginning of the animation of a character throwing a baseball. Not much new.

    I continue on the  Push and/or pull a heavy object exercise...

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Week 9 - Timing and Spacing

    The course of this week was on the Timing and Spacing, ie the pace, simply put. Bret Parker, animator at Pixar shows the influence of the rhythm of the animation on the emotions that have wants to transmit, for example by taking its animation Wall-E.

    Push and/or pull a heavy object exercise, but more refined...

    Leigh really liked it, not much to say, he was really happy.

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Week 8 - Arcs and Path of Action

    This week we had a fairly short course on the arcs. Nothing new, especially reminders of Class 1.

    We had to start the final animation. I chose Push and/or pull a heavy object, and here is where I am.

     The Leigh eCritique was really great, full of very detailed notes and help me a lot.

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Week 7 - Advanced Posing : Force

   We keep going. This week the course was truly outstanding. Wayne Gilbert told us about the strengths, very important concept in animation because every movement has its origins at least one force. Almost nothing about computers (Wayne Gilbert is a traditional animator foremost), while making it clear and exciting course. One of the best course of Animation Mentor said our mentor.

We had to finish our animation, choose a new topic and plan. Here is the list of topics, and in bold that I have chosen:
  1. Walk up a flight of stairs of different heights
  2. Hopscotch
  3. Balance while standing on a ball
  4. Push and/or pull a heavy object
  5. Tug of war
  6. Walk and trip going up a staircase
  7. Jump and back flip off a high point
  8. A simple dance move
  9. Parkour (look up on YouTube)
  10. Caber toss – pick up, pull, and/or toss
  11. From a standing position, do a handstand and walk on hands (min. 4 steps)
  12. Climb up a steep spiral staircase

AM - Week 207 - Parkour Polishing

Push and/or pull a heavy object

Leigh was really happy with the polishing part, I had to change a couple of things but in general it was good.

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Week 6 - Walk-Through : Blocking to Final

    End of a new week. The course was made ​​by Mike Stern, who made an animation explaining the way it works. Fifth Course on the workflow so. For the next exercise we should continue to detail the animation.


    Leigh (my mentor) found my blocking rather successful. Just some adjustements and it is good!

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Week 5 - Weight and Balance

    This week the course was rather short but very interesting. Rick O'Connor spoke about weightand balance, very important notions to make a realistic animation.

    We started the new animation (for me, Parkour)

  Leigh (my mentor) found my blocking rather successful, some parts are a little bit overacted but it gives a little plus to the animation, I need to deal a little bit better with the exaggeration in my animation. 

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Week 4 - Walk-Through : Blocking to Final

    New week. Ethan Hurd explained the way it works by creating an animation from scratch. A new course on the workflow so.

    We had to finish our animation, choose a new topic and plan. Here is the list of topics, and in bold that I have chosen:
  1. Moonwalk
  2. Canon ball jump or swan dive off the high dive
  3. Run and lose balance
  4. A simple dance move
  5. Climbing/descending STEEP stairs
  6. Walking/Running on a lifesize hamster wheel
  7. Slow, stalking walk – as if trying not to be seen
  8. Fast run and quickly reverse direction (wind sprints)
  9. Walk and lose a few steps in a HEAVY windstorm
  10. Step on sticky gum
  11. Parkour (look up on YouTube) no arms
  12. Jump and land on a non-squishy ball
Et voici le résultat :

AM - Week 204 - Backflip Polishing


Parkour (look up on YouTube) no arms

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Week 3 - In-Depth Look At Hips

    We keep going. This week we talked about the importance of the hips in the animation. This is the body part that is most often forgotten, even along the course, in the work of professionals.

     For the assignment, we should continue to add detail to our animation. That's what it looks like so far:

    My mentor has reviewed the entire motion animation and developed a list of things that must be corrected. But overall it's good, just to clean everything, for simplicity.

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Week 2 - Walk-Through : Blocking to Final

    End of another week. We saw another animator who talked about the way he works, he talked about his traditional animation experience. Very interesting!

    For the next assignment, we had to start the first stage of the animation prepared the previous week. I had to shoot a few other references because I did change my mind, thanks to what my teachers and fellow students

    So that's where I am, the blocking:


    My mentor liked my blocking, he made some notes on some parts of my animation, particularly the very beginning and very end. But overall it's going.

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Week 1 - Introduction to Animation

   First week of class 2. The course addressed the importance of the preparatory stage of the animation (the schedule) and the first step of the animation itself (the blocking). Brian Mendenhall (lead animator at Tippett Studios) shows the way to work on an animation that looks like the exercises we have to do. He speaks very fast, but it explains a lot of very interesting things. For example a series of questions during the preparation, after having had the subject :

  • What does the shoot call for?
  • What are the limitations of the shot?
  • How many frames do I have to sell the shot?
  • What is my time budget?
  • What are my goals?
   Anyway, it helps to structure their work.

   My new mentor is called Leigh Rens, he worked in several 3D environments, as Visual Effects, Games, and 3D character animation in films! He has been working on movies like Garfield,  World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles, Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolRise of the Planet of the Apes, he is a great guy and  you can find his website by clicking on the link!
   This week we had to choose from a list of exercise to make an animation. Here is the list, and fat that I have chosen :
1. Take a big step to the side 
2. Round house kick 
3. Standing long jump
4. Hopscotch
5.  Log Rolling
6.  About Face
7.  Walk up a few stairs
8. Walk down a few stairs
9. Long jump
10. Jump and click heels
11. Backflip
12. Triple jump
13. Riverdance

   For this first part we had to plan the animation. It was therefore necessary to consider several ways to down stairs, film references (shoot me down a staircase) and draw, take notes, again and again ...

   Here is the result ;

   My mentor liked it, he gave some important tips as to really focus on the hips of Ballie, he speaks a lot more than John, my former mentor, and he is very motivated. That's a really good point!

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Start of Class 2 !

   After two weeks of vacation, we go back! Happy New Year, good health, all that, but now must work.

   Especially since this quarter promises to be full of new things. We will discuss the technical work ("workflow" as they say), to work in an orderly and logical. Also referred to as weight and balance, strength, trajectory, timing and extent of the basin in the animation of a biped character.
   The quarter will consist of three periods into which we will work 4 weeks. He must choose from a list of 12 proposals listed by level of difficulty (from 1 to 4) to make an animation.

   It promises to be intense ... Let's go!

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