Class 3

Week 12 - Review of Advanced Body Mechanics

    That's it, the third term ends. I learned many things from the standpoint body mechanics course, but also on my way to work, thanks to Chad. This week we had to compile our work in a "real progress", as follows

The next term will be devoted to acting, that is the essence of animation. Lots of things unknown to me, and especially we start doing our "book" (or demo reel) we will send to the employers to find a job. More space for trial and mistakes in animations so... 
But before that, a week's off! Holiday!!!!

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Week 11 - Design Applied to Animation

    This week Mark Oftedal addresses topics in the field of visual perception in animation.

    Finalize the Waiter;

Chad  was really happy with my final work!

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Week 10 - Walk-Through & Theory : Advance Timing and Spacing

    One of my heroes, Eric Goldberg, was the teacher this week. He has animated the Genius in Aladdin... All my childhood! He showed us how to vary the pace to make the movie more interesting, and think about how each frame of the animation rather than letting the computer do too much work

    Always the Waiter;

Some more notes but nothing really bad!

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Week 9 - Walk-Through : Blocking to Final

    Jason Ryan (animator at Dreamworks who is now boss of his own animation school Animation Mentor as iAnimate) explains his way of working.Course very interesting because he has a host of traditional approach, he does indeed a first draft in 2D animation (drawn so) that "copy" in 3D. Very handy when drawing quickly and well, which is not my case yet.

    For the assignment, we continue with the Waiter, a little more detail :

Some notes.

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Week 8 - Clarity and Overlapping Ideas

   This week Bobby Beck spoke of clarity and overlapping actions. What is it? Well clarity in animation is very important if we want the viewer understand what is happening. It is therefore clear poses and rhythm to get ideas that you want one by one and clearly. If one or more characters are doing too many things at once, we no longer understand anything.  

    Notice how, even in movies with real actors, when one speaks the other is almost motionless. The superposition of actions avoids every little action takes place one by one. When I want to sit down I'm not doing a sequence : I walk to the chair, I stop, I pull the chair back, I sat down. All these actions kind of exceed on the one preceding and one following it. A sort of fade.

    The assignment : Waiter Blocking! 

    Some notes, nothing more.

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Week 7 - Phrasing

    This week Randy Haycock told us about the phrasing in the animation, and the acting in general. Taking various examples of films he explains how a rhythm to plan.

    Next assignment, this is the final
"Gangster Training" and started planning the following assignment, as follows:

    AM - Week 207 -  Gangster Polishing

    Waiter Stewie - Planning

    Some remarks from Chad, but otherwise it's good.


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Week 6 - Advanced Overlap and Anticipation

    This week Bobby Beck and Shawn Kelly (two of the three founders of Animation Mentor) told us about the overlap applied to humans. When you are on the bus and he speeds up, your head from behind. This is an overlap, there are everywhere in nature there are very important in animation.

     For the assignment, we continue with the
"Gangster Training".

AM - Week 306 - Gangster Blocking + from Arnaud Boulanger on Vimeo.

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Week 5 - Advanced Arcs and Path of Action

    This week, Dovi Andersona hosted a plan with a character in a military training ground, in explaining his methods and tricks.

    The exercise was to start animating the new theme, for me "Gangster Training".

    Critic rather positive from Chad.

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Week 4 - Advanced Body Mechanics - Locomotion

    This week the course was about the strengths and how the body moves in simple actions such as throwing a ball more or less heavy, walk, run, sit, etc.. Very interesting.

    Next exercises we had to finish the first and the second plan. So busy week. The result is not really satisfactory, I still have some work to do when I go from blocking to splining on my animation, stage quite difficult because it tends to break all the work that was well before ... Finally short, I have to improve on that side. That's what it gave:

    AM - Week 204 -  Archer Polishing

AM - Week 304 - Archery Polishing from Arnaud Boulanger on Vimeo.

    Gangster Stewie - Planning 

   Chad has rather seemed to have enjoyed. Some remarks but nothing more.

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Week 3 - Advanced Arcs and Path of Action

    During this week, the lecture spoke of the arcs in the animation. Everything moves with curved trajectories in nature (except the eyes), and the facilitator must be very attentive to these arcs.

    We also received the name of our Peer Buddy for those who had applied, mine is Sweden and is called Anna.

     For the assignment, I continue with the Archer...

AM - Week 303 - Archery Blocking + from Arnaud Boulanger on Vimeo.

    Chad seemed quite happy with some things to see anyway.

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Week 2 - Walk-Through : Blocking to Final

    A little late this week on the blog, so I'll be brief.
In the course, Dave Burgess explained how he animates a plan from start to finish.

    Next exercise, we had to do the first step of the animation : the blocking. 

    Chad made ​​some remarks, but overall it's pretty good.

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Week 1 - An Introduction to Staging and Composition

    New term, here we go!!!

    This week the lesson was the staging. How to place the camera, what values ​​of plan use, how to put the different shots together... More film than the animation you might say, but in fact they are very important notions even for an animator. 

    I had already taken courses over there before, but an update is good, especially since I did not know the terms in English.

     My new mentor is called Chad Stewart, he worked in several 3D environments, as Visual Effects, Art Department, and 3D character animation in films! He has been working on movies like Tarzan,  Fantasia/2000, Surf's Up, The Simpsons, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, he is a great guy and  you can find his website by clicking on the link!

    For the exercise, we had to choose between AnimJam AnimExercise and for this term. The first is a series of three planes forming a sequence, the second is composed of three different planes unrelated. However, our mentor told us not to AnimJam to focus on body mechanics rather than on history, environment and character. I still wanted to keep a character and a common world for three years, however I will do my character shares basic and important work (lifting heavy objects, walk in balance, jumping, falling, etc.)...

    Chad made ​​a few remarks, mainly on how I could push my poses further.

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