Class 4

Week 12 - Review of Introduction to Acting

    Another term ends. This one went pretty fast, although I must admit that the holiday week is not too much.

    I still have a lot to learn, that's for sure. It's sometimes frustrating because my animation is not at the level that I would like, but I still think that I progress quickly to each new plan.
Beyond the technical aspect of body mechanics, I think that I must insist on the 'entertaining' aspect of my animations. Make better choices of acting to make the animation more interesting and immersive. In short, keep swimming, just keep swimming.

    And as always, the compilation of animations made ​​so far at Animation Mentor:

    Royce also wrote the final critique for the term :


    Three months ago I wrote: "More room for trial and error in Class 4." Or not. But it is a fact that I have to be wrong to progress. I have to aanimate, animate and always animate. No secret, you just have to work again and again on different and varied things. My fear is that at some point I no longer increasing. But I think I just have to continue working and I will keep progressing. The limit is the sky! We'll see in time what the studios think of my work ... But before that : let's go holidays!

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Week 11 - Dialogue : Final

  Andrew Gordon shows us how he performs the step of "polish" on an animation. This detail's step allows "to add the last 10%" as he says.

    Last week on the animation :    

  A few remarks, especially on things to polish.

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Week 10 - Walk-Through : Eyes and Blinks

    Continue in the acting. This week Jason Ryan talks about the eyes, these two windows that show what happens in our head.

    We arrive at the end, before last week to finish the animation:

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Week 9 - Walk-Through : Hands

   Charles Alleneck speaks about the hands. They are very expressive and they have a key role in acting ...

   We keep going detailed the monologue.

  Royce did a lot of comments, welcome as I begin to lose perspective on my work and it becomes difficult to see why it does not work.

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Week 8 - Animating Dialogue

    Well, I'm a little late on the blog  lately so I'll keep it short.

    This week Jason Schleifer explains how to sync facial animation to the voice (the lipsync).

    We continue to detail the monologue ...

    Royce has once again made ​​a few remarks, but overall it's good.

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Week 7 - Animating Facial Expressions

   Victor Navone told us this week how to animate the face.
    And next assignment, we begin to animate the dialogue.

    Some remarks from Royce, especially on the mouth shapes, I really need to work on that for next week!

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Week 6 - Walk Through : Introduction to dialog

    Delio Tramontozzi showed us how he leads a dialogue plan from beginning to end.

   Let's go with the dialogue. Choose an extract, for its contrast in tone and rhythm of nature, for the interest we have for the subject, and because we think it can work for six weeks!

   Royce really liked my videos references! He also found the first and the third line really interesting.

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Week 5 - Gestures and Body Language

    This week Andrew Gordon talks about body language and how to use it in animation.

    Continue into the details of the animation. This is the last week of this exercise, I will find it again the sixth and last quarter.

    Royce was really happy with the result, he also said that he really liked the way we handled this assignment together, we have struggled a lot on this one, acting is not easy but in the end, it was worth it!

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Week 4 - Secondary Action

    The course of this week is about secondary actions. Kason Schiliefer explains how to do something when a character speaks, it is important that the character does not distract the viewer from the dialogue.
    For the assignment I spent a lot of time correcting my animation based on ratings from the previous week, and add little details.

    Royce was really happy with the end, he ssaid that he starts to see something interesting for the end.

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Week 3 - Lateral Thinking : Generating Ideas for Acting

   Acting lesson during this week with Rebecca Stockley, who explains how to mix different attitudes for new characters and personalities, as well as the importance of the status of characters in a scene.

    I continued with my scene and I was able to make a fairly detailed blocking more:

    Royce was pretty happy with my choices but he was not yet convinced with the end , I have to  work on another one.

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Week 2 - Introduction to Pantomine

    Bobby Beck and Shawn Kelly (bosses of Animation Mentor) have spoken this week of pantomime. Their definition of the word: between playing with words and mime, ie the play without dialogue but with objects and environments.

    For my part, I attacked my animation with dead Tailor situation...

    Some remarks, especially on the transition between the two emotions and the very end.

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Week 1 - Acting 101 

    Start of Class 4, introduction to acting. My mentor this term is called Royce Wesley, he has been working as a character animator since 1999. He got his start in Stop-Motion working on MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch where he animated and supervised for three years before moving in to the world of computer animation at Blue Sky Studios. After animating on Robots, Ice Age 2, and Horton Hears a Who, he took a two year hiatus from Features to backpack through the Appalachians and work as a freelancer in New York City. In 2008 Royce returned to feature work at Pixar Animation Studios, working on a number of projects including Partly Cloudy, Cars 2, and Toy Story 3. Currently, Royce is hard at work on their next feature film, Brave. 

    He is a great guy and  you can find his website by clicking on the link!

    Dave Burgess gave us our first course of acting this week. Really great.

    For the assignment,  we had to find a story idea for our character. It was necessary that the character shows two different mindsets in the plan. That's what it gave:

    Royce was not convinced by my planning, he had the feeling that something was wrong and other things were too much, I overacted my idea and it didn't look right, he gave me new ideas, good ideas and some great notes, I will have to change my planning for the next week!


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